800-589-5353 M-F 7am-5pm EST
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Showroom Hours

Fort Wayne hours:

Monday-Thursday 6:30AM to 6:00PM
Friday 6:30AM to 5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Indianapolis hours:

Monday-Friday 7:00AM to 5:00PM

Inside Sales Teams

Fort Wayne:

260-484-8567 or 800-589-5353

Inside Sales Mgr
Earl Loveday 260-469-8324 [email protected] email
Mike Colby 260-469-8347 [email protected] email
Susan Sonner 260-469-8313 [email protected] email


317-545-6904 or 800-535-0680

Scott Christy Ext. 425 [email protected] email
Troy Lamb Ext. 424 [email protected] email


Outside Sales Teams

Fort Wayne:

260-484-8569 or 800-589-5353

Mark Englert 260-469-8336 [email protected] email
Greg Fair 260-469-8340 [email protected] email
Colin Featherston 260-469-8346 [email protected] email
Brad Johnson 260-469-8333 [email protected] email
CodyJohnson 260-469-8316 [email protected] email


317-545-6904 or 800-535-0680

Branch Mgr
Greg Charley Ext. 420 [email protected] email
Jerry Goss [email protected] email
Kevin Ogden [email protected] email

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