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Bevel Tools ABA-12 Bevel Mate-Pneumatic

Bevel Tools ABA-12 Bevel Mate-Pneumatic Click to show larger images Made in USA
Brand: Bevel Tools
Mfr. Part #: 2022200
Ship Weight (lbs.): 12.5
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Warranty: Limited Mfg Warranty
Availability: In Stock
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Product Details

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Type:Bevel|Motor Type:Pneumatic|RPM:10000|Bevel:R2,R3,R4,15 degree,22-1/2 degree,30 degree,37-1/2 degree,45 degree,52-1/2 degree,60 degree


The Bevel Tools ABA-12 Bevel Mate features the pneumatic motor, 1/2" maximum bevel depth that is adjustable, air pressure is 85 PSI with a consumption of 48 Cfm, maximum RPM of 10,000, safety lever, and has a case to store or carry to the jobsite.

The bevel heads that fit on this beveler are sold separately and are 15-08-STL, 22-08-STL, 30-08-STL, 37-08-STL, 45-08-STL, 52-08-STL, 60-08-STL, 15-12-STL, 22-12-STL, 30-12-STL, 37-12-STL, 45-12-STL, 52-12-STL, 60-12-STL, R2-08-STL, R3-08-STL, R4-08-STL, 30-08-ALU, 45-08-ALU, R2-08-ALU, R3-08-ALU, and R4-08-ALU.
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